About US

CBD Boutique was founded in 2015, in Albuquerque NM and is known as one of the first ever CBD retail companies in the nation. Our company was created by a group of like minded individuals who understood the necessity of a reputable brand dedicated to the retail of premium and domestic hemp derived products.

In the beginning, most products on the market were extremely overpriced and imported into the U.S. from overseas. There was the need for affordable, yet high quality CBD products, and only a few truly legitimate products available on the market. The team began to implement the necessary networking needed to procure the absolute best CBD products possible, at the same time ensuring that all products were priced fair and accessible to all. All products at CBD Boutique are USA made and manufactured. All consumable products available at the CBD Boutique undergo strict testing in order to be deemed CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment) approved, which guarantees consumer safety. To top it off, we require batch matched certificate of analysis (COA) for all products offered.
Below are some bullet points highlighting why CBD Boutique should be your number one source for premium CBD products.

– Strict quality control requirements:
We require CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) approval or equivalent, plus shelf life stability certification for ALL hemp derived consumables. In addition, we attain batch matched certificate of analysis (COA) of all products.

– Customer satisfaction:
Since 2015, we have strived to offer the best customer experience possible, whether in-store or online. This includes consumer education, offering the highest quality products available and competitive pricing, refund policy and price match guarantee. We provide customer support in a timely matter and are willing to work with customers to offer a satisfactory shopping experience in any circumstance.

– Knowledgeable staff:
We take time to hire representatives that best fit our company. We seek candidates inside the cannabis industry and implement our own training procedures to guarantee competent staff. We also offer continued education on industry and products as it’s available.